All our meat are free range and are supplied to us from our local butcher "SURREY PREMIER MEATS” which is based in Chessington Surrey London.
The prices below include a BBQ, chef or chefs, Gazebo, rolls & sauces only. We don't Braai fish or seafood.
Should you have no side entrance, stairs or have any kind of obstruction with your access, we then need to add a additional staff member to your booking. This will be at a cost of £95, we cannot accept any form of help based on our Health & Safety and Public liability

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Winter Price Deals - Valid From 2 Jan - 31st March & 1st Oct - 30th Nov £50 Discount




BBQ - for 20-30 people, 1 chef - Includes Gazebo,rolls & sauces 20 - 30 £295
BBQ - for 40-50 people, 1 chef - Includes Gazebo,rolls & sauces 40 - 50 £350
BBQ - for 70-90 people, 2 chef - Includes Gazebo,rolls & sauces 70 - 90 £395
BBQ - for 110-130 people, 3 chef - Includes Gazebo,rolls & sauces 110 - 130 £495

(Select your BBQ package then your meat options)

"Cocktail bites" Cherries wrapped in bacon £1.50 pp
"Cocktail bites” South-African "Boerewors" sausage & sauces £1.50 pp
"Cocktail bites” German Frankfurt mix Tomato Sausages & sauces £1.50 pp
"Cocktail bites” Polish Smoked Kielbasa Sausages & sauces £1.50 pp

Prices subject to a minimum order of 15 per selection.
BBQ Ribs 300 grams with brushed BBQ sauce £4.00 pp
Mixed Vegetable Kebab on a skewer £4.50 pp
British Beef burger with cheese, tomato and sauces £3.50 pp
South-African "Boerewors" sausage with ketchup & mustart £4.50 pp
Jumbo British Pork sausage with cooked onion £3.50 pp
BBQ chicken skewers with roasted peppers £4.50 pp
BBQ chicken skewers with NO peppers £4.00 pp
Minted Lamb skewers & rosemary £4.50 pp
Beef skewers with red onion and roasted peppers £4.50 pp
BBQ Chicken Breast with sliced tomato and lettuce £3.50 pp
BBQ Chicken Drumsticks or Thigh with BBQ sauce £2.50 pp
Grilled Corn on the Cob £1.50 pp
New Baby Potatoes Roasted £1.50 pp
Lamb Tjops With Rosemary & Garlic £3.00 pp
British Pork Tjops Sea salt & Lemon £3.00 pp

Prices subject to a minimum order of 12 per selection.

Black Olive & Feta Salad - By The London Hog Roast Company Rocket Parmesan & Goats Feta Salad - By The London Hog Roast Company Creamy Potato Salad - By The London Hog Roast Company

Creamy New Baby Potato Salad

£1.50 ps
4 Bean Salads £1.50 ps
Olive & Feta Green Salad £1.50 ps
Red Cabbage Coleslaw £1.50 ps
Classic Green Salad £1.50 ps
Rocket & Parmesan and Goat’s Feta £1.80 ps

Prices subject to a minimum order of 40 servings per salad.

Strong disposable crockery (plate, napkin, knife, fork) £0.35 pp
China plates & Cutlery (£75 Security deposit required additional) (MIN 30) £2.50 pp
China plates & Cutlery with staff member included to collect plates (MIN 30) £3.50 pp
Helper on the day (Arrive with Chef & Leave with Chef) £95.00 pp

  • We require a 3 x 3 meter space for our gazebo.
  • We will arrive and need access to your venue 4 hours prior to serving time. We serve 1 hour long buffet style. A power source is not required should it be daytime.
  • Client responsible for parking & congestion charge.
  • All our BBQ Braai is cooked over an open charcoal fire and this requires an open outside area.
  • We recommend having our BBQ equipment on grass. Should you require us to BBQ on an alternative surface; the customer will take on the full liability and responsibility for any damages that might occur during the event.
  • Please note, due to the closure in our public liability we might request the need of an additional staff member upon insufficient entry to your event's venue. For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • We do not take any leftovers with us. All leftovers will be placed in bowls and dishes provided by the customer.
  • To secure your event you will be required to pay a deposit of 25%. This can be paid to us via online banking or by cheque.
  • Ten days before the event date all arrangements will be confirmed and the balance payable. We require 14 days notice for cancellation of any events. Cancellation after 14 days will incur full payment of the event.
  • Our BBQ machines are designed to access 99% of all venues. Please state at the time of booking if access is not straight-forward so that we can take appropriate steps.
  • We can only BBQ outdoors.
  • Cost of £2 per mile applies outside 30 mile radius of KT9 2HY
  • The customer is responsible for the parking costs during the event.