The London Hog Roast Company were happy and proud to do a Hog Roast event recently for the staff and guests at the British Legion offices in Borough London.
With over 200 guests it was decided that a Whole Hog Roast to serve up to 100 portions would be ample for the meat eaters with a further 100 Vegetable Kebabs for the Vegetarians and non Pork eaters.
On the day Steven and his assistant arrived spot on time as usual and set up in the office car park. No sooner had they set up and got the Hog Roast roasting away when staff appeared with flasks of tea and coffee with refills offered every half hour. What a great bunch of people. Serving time was 1.30pm and a serving table was set up inside ( weather was a bit   iffy ). 
As the party was well organised with all details being discussed and agreed well beforehand the guests were ready and were served the hot succulent Hog Roast and piping hot steamed Vegetable Kebabs quickly and smoothly with lots left over for the many who wanted seconds and the few wanting thirds.
All agreed that it was the best Hog Roast they had ever had and Steven and his assistant left happy that another staff event had been a great success.
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