New Year Eve And New Years day supplement of £75 will apply.

What is the estimated cooking and serving time for your roast?

  • The Golden Hog Roast Package takes about 7 hours roasting with serving time 1 hour.
  • The Elegant Lamb Roast Package takes 5 hours for roasting with serving time of 1 hour
  • The Spit Fire Roast takes around 5 hours roasting with serving time of 1 hour

Will there be any animal head on display?
  • No, we remove the head the day before while preparing the meat for your event.

Do you do any precooking?
  • We take pride in cooking all our meat fresh onsite with no precooking!

What about leftovers?
  • We do not take any leftovers. All leftovers will be placed in bowls and dishes provided by customer on arrival

Do you cook for vegetarians?

  • Yes we can cook for them! salads, roast potatoes & mixed vegetable skewers on the grill.

How many staff do you provide per event?

  • It all depends on your specific needs for your event. Normally there will one chef for an event. If there are stairs or any lifting involved we will send a helper along.This will result in an additional cost of £95.
How much extra for a waiter?
  • If you require a waiter or just someone to help with bits and bobs, we will be happy to supply one at an additional cost £95. The extra member of staff will arrive with the chef and will leave with him due to the fact of transport. If you would like the staff member to stay longer, a charge of £15ph and the cost of a taxi or public transport must be paid.
How does the payment work for an event?
  • After we receive your booking form back we require a £150 deposit to secure your event. This can be paid to us via online banking or per cheque. Ten days 10 days before your event we will confirm arrangements and you will also have to pay the outstanding balance.

What happens if I want to cancel?
  • You can cancel up to 21 days before your date. Cancellations within the 21 days prior to your event will incur the full cost or losing your deposit.
What do you bring to an event?
  • We use a 3x3m gazebo to shelter us from the British weather and two serving tables. If you need an extra tables please do let us know beforehand.
What is the minimum and maximum number of guest you can roast for?
  • Our smallest event we do is a BBQ package for 30 quest, but if you don't fancy a BBQ then it will be the elegant lamb roast or the spit fire lamb roast staring at 40 guest. With us there is no limit as to how many people will be attending your event.... we can roast for thousands....

Do we require access to power?

  • Yes! It is always an plus point if we have access to a power point but it is not a must. We are capable to cook without power. Our machines are design to continue roasting even in a power failure. So you can relax and still be assure the cooking will continue.
Access requirements to a event?
  • Our roast machines are design to access 99% of all venues. Please inform us on booking if there are stairs, no side entrance or no lift involved so that we can arrange a helper for the day. This will be charge as a additional cost to the client..

What is the diameters of the roast machine?
  • Our roast machines is 78cm in width & 1.4 meter high & 1.4 meter long
Can you roast indoors?
  • We do prefer the fresh air outside while doing the roasting but have done a few roasting indoors. Our machines are design to make no smoke or mess on any floor so this is possible. Please do let us know in advance.
What about Public Liability Insurance?
  • The London Hog Roast Company Ltd has full Public Liability insurance up to 10 million
  • Please see our section on Health & Safety.
How far do you travel?
  • We are based in Chessington KT9 2HY London extra mileage after 20 miles are charged at £2 per mile.

Parking for a event?
  • The customer are responsible for all parking, congestion & emissions charges during the roasting of the event on the day. We will invoice the client.