At The London Hog Roast Company, we believe Health & Safety is not negotiable and we will always adhere to all Safety Rules. Especially when it comes to people, handling of food and the safety of our equipment.

The London Hog Roast Company has full Public and Liability Insurance up to 5M.
Our staff is fully qualified and well trained in Food Hygiene Standards.
We are registered with both HACCP & HSE Authorities who are fully aware of all the activities.

We use fully refrigerated vehicles to ensure your food are kept fresh at all times.
We do regular checks on our temperature probes to make sure that it is working correctly whilst roasting on your event and by making sure your food is properly cooked before carving and serving commences.

All temperature information on all events are logged and kept for any future inquiries.
You will also find fire extinguishers & first aid kit at all our functions we do.
We do maintenance checks on all our roast machine equipment before we do any event or DIY hiring out to any customers.
Our gas bottles are constantly checked onsite to ensure safety while the food is being cooked
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