Pork Loin preparation - By The London Hog Roast Company Lamb Loin Preparation - By The London Hog Roast Company Lamb Loin with Rosemary - By The London Hog Roast Company

Each one of our pork loins are specially prepared 24 hours before your event by rubbing salt on the skin of the loin to give it that great crackling look and taste,  and by injecting the pork loin with lemon and salt water.

We inject the lamb leg with rosemary and garlic and allow enough time to be absorb by the meat. By doing these techniques both pork and lamb will keep its natural flavor during cooking over the charcoal fire.After preparation all our meat are vacuum packed and sealed awaiting transportation the following day.

Spit Fire Loin Roast - By The London Hog Roast Company OUR MEAT SUPPLIER

All our meat are free range and are supplied from our local butcher "SURREY PREMIER MEATS” which is based in Chessington Surrey London.

Our local butcher is a family run retail business and has a Five  star food rating which is the highest you can achieve in food hygiene.

There level of service is excellent and so we are very proud to be working in close conjunction with and supporting our local community butcher. 

Surrey Premier Meats Butchers