Our purpose built Spit Roast machines are so flexible they can Roast for parties from 40 to 150 guests. Our professional chef will prepare and spike the meat fresh on site and the Loins are then roasted over an open hot African fire. The guests can witness and experience the cooking process at first hand.

From Golden Roast Pork Loins with Crackling to beautiful succulent smokey Lamb there is no better way to experience your meat being cooked by one of our experience and friendly chefs. All these great packages include freshly baked soft floured rolls, apple or mint sauce, a 3x3m pop up Gazebo and a professional chef with a big smile!

With a wide variety of menus to choose from we are sure that you will find exactly the right combination to suit your requirements.

Note: Our Spit Fire Loin Roast packages are cooked over an open charcoal fire. This requires an open outside area. If you are unsure please contact us to tell us your circumstances. The Spit Fire Loin Roast is by far our most popular Roast Package. If the Spit Fire Loin Roast is not for you please have a look at our Golden Hog Roast or the mouth watering Lamb Roast package.